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German RepRap at Formnext connect 2020

From the new FFF printer and filament dryer to the Expert Session about "Additive components made of liquid materials"
- All information on Formnext connect 2020.

German RepRap 3D printer supports development of the Swiss BICAR

With the help of additive manufacturing from German RepRap,
the Share your BICAR AG and the ZHAW Centre for product and
process development creates a true innovation for the future.

x500 creates more flexibility and saves time in the automotive industry

In the automotive industry, additive manufacturing has become a high priority, and further development and production is no longer conceivable without this technology. Ideas can be implemented faster, time and money can be saved. Speed ​​and flexibility bring enormous advantages over the competition.

The Zurich Opera House uses German RepRap 3D printers for props and mold making

The Zurich Opera House is the largest cultural institution in Switzerland. For the events, there are various workshops and studios, in which the detailed decorations and costumes are painstakingly and lovingly made. The x400 3D printer from German RepRap is perfectly supporting the creation process.

Additive Manufacturing with the German RepRap x500 for Customized Ride Comfort

Using the German RepRap x500 3D printer speeds up development processes for functional structural components at Sika Automotive.
A wide variety of customizable solutions also offer the company new possibilities in terms of materials and designs.

Airbus Helicopters manufactures a 3 meter component and reduces development costs with the x400

Production using additive manufacturing in the aerospace industry brings many advantages. Airbus Helicopters uses its German RepRap x400 3D printer for development to ensure the deadline, cost and quality goals. In a recent case, it's about validating the design of a new running board.

Across the Atlantic: Development and production of autonomous and energy self-sufficient sailboat

Technology learns how to sail. This is the motto of Sailing Team Darmstadt, which has taken on the challenge of building an autonomous and energy self-sufficient sailboat that can cross the Atlantic Ocean. Since nobody has yet achieved this feat, a strategic plan needed to be laid out. The sailing team is broken into several groups, which are working on the following areas of focus: power supply, navigation, electronics, control systems, mechanics, organization and software. The German RepRap X1000 3D printer is supporting the sailing team in each of these areas.

x350 and x400 3D printers execute serial production of 40,000 parts for the automotive industry


Utilizing 3D Printing Technology for Series Production: Thomas Pazulla Manufactures 40,000 Parts for Automotive Clients With German RepRap x400 and x350 3D Printers. After many years spent in planning, development and design, Thomas Pazulla decided to strike a new career path in 2012 and launched his own technical services firm called TP Technische Dienstleistungen.


Prototypes from Polypropylene: The German RepRap x400 in Operation at Hürner-Funken

Rapid prototyping and small batch production – 3D printer operation at Hürner-Funken is very typical of the sector and therefore a good example of the benefits that 3D printing can bring to the daily work of a development department. Since 2013 the x400 from German RepRap has been providing excellent service in the production of special series, function samples and prototypes for these specialists in fan and ventilation systems based in Central Hessen.

New era for the metal industry: Stegerer Metallbau GmbH with the x350pro

Stegerer Metallbau GmbH, deeply committed to innovation, leads the way into a new era for the metal industry with the German RepRap x350 Pro. When you hear the term “traditional craftsmanship,” you don't immediately think of an innovative technology such as 3D printers used for rapid prototyping. But specialist metal fabricator Stegerer Metallbau GmbH is using additive manufacturing to plot a new course for the industry.

BorgiForm Is Convinced by the Performance of German RepRap 3D Printers

Considerable Cost Calculation Benefits for Tool Manufacturing and a Massive Cost Reduction in Automation and Measurement Technology. BorgiForm, a young, innovative family business headquartered in the heart of eastern Westphalia (Germany), focuses its business literally “shaping” ideas. Dirk Kriegel, Managing Director, introduced 3D printing technology a while ago. Additive manufacturing simplifies the company’s work and is used in the development of die-cutting and bending tools as well as in automated manufacturing.

Prototyping for Airbus Helicopters with x400

When developing new systems, it is necessary to make statements about function, handling and integration in the helicopter at an early development stage. For this purpose usually prototypes are created, which manufacturing produce high costs due to need of toolings or milling programs. To get an initial analysis of a component without high efforts and costs the 3D printing process will be used.
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