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Prototyping for TAKATA PlasTec GmbH in the automotive sector with x1000

TAKATA PlasTec GmbH Printing Prototypes for Automotive Manufacturers with German RepRap x1000 3D Printer. The use of the x1000 3D printer from German RepRap has enabled TAKATA PlasTec GmbH to now considerably reduce development costs and time for prototype production.

Door panels made by the 3D printer x400

Car designer Thomas Pazulla changes the prototyping process from laser-sintering to 3D printing using PLA. At the car designer house "Thomas Pazulla technical services" prototypes are now build by a 3D printer, specifically the x400 by German RepRap.

Ideal Teaching: The x350 at Kiel University of Applied Sciences

3D printer as a central training system: The Kiel University of Applied Sciences has now added X350 from German RepRap to its equipment in the 3D printing. One thing is certain. 3D printing will change our world. The designers of the future are well advised to get familiar with this technology. 3D printing removes any restrictions that traditional manufacturing processes impose on designs, whilst also bringing with it some new restrictions. These benefits and limitations are best experienced by working with 3D printers oneself.
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