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Summer School in South Africa: 3D Printing in Operation for Research & Development

Research and development in the field of additive manufacturing – Aachen University of Applied Sciences is providing students with an important education in 3D printing so that they are optimally prepared forSummer School in South Africa: PRotos V3 in Operation for Research & Development their professional life after their studies. The extensive theoretical approach to 3D technology together with hands-on experience is a combination which is hardly provided in a similar way in the teaching of engineering.

Prototyping Winding Bodies for MRI Scanners with the x400 3D printer

Popp Group Uses the x400 3D Printer for Prototyping Winding Bodies for MRI Scanners. The Popp Group frequently designs prototypes for medical equipment and is increasingly using a 3D printer for this purpose. This includes, for example the development of components of a patient table for use in MRI scanners.

Lindner Group makes its way from prototyping to small series production with a x400 3D printer

The Lindner Group, a family business based in Arnstorf, Bavaria in Germany, is Europe's leading specialist in the fields of interior design, facade and insulation technology. The company has approximately 6,000 employees, including Benjamin Kapfinger and Hermann Straubinger working in their CAD Department. There have been several subjects of interest related to 3D printing since the last few years. Frequently prototypes are to be produced.

Ideal Teaching: The x350 at Kiel University of Applied Sciences

3D printer as a central training system: The Kiel University of Applied Sciences has now added X350 from German RepRap to its equipment in the 3D printing. One thing is certain. 3D printing will change our world. The designers of the future are well advised to get familiar with this technology. 3D printing removes any restrictions that traditional manufacturing processes impose on designs, whilst also bringing with it some new restrictions. These benefits and limitations are best experienced by working with 3D printers oneself.
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