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X500PRO Printing system - Industrial printer 220V

Benefits of 3D printing:

  • processing sophisticated materials such as PC (polycarbonate), PA (polyamide), PA carbon, ABS and many more.
  • open material system > no production ties
  • single source: material drying, 3D printing and annealing
  • developed for applications in the prototype area up to small-scale production
Order no.: 100700

Unbeatable reliability for industrial applications

The x500pro is the solution for serial printing high-quality materials such as high-temperature, abrasive and other materials. In addition to a large build volume of 500 x 400 x 450 (X/Y/Z) mm, it incorporates additional innovations that are essential for industrial applications.


New options in terms of dimension and shape

The x500pro offers a whole new level of freedom when it comes to construction and enables the production of complex structures.


Precision in continuous operation

An extremely sturdy steel frame and high-quality components form the basis for optimum use in industrial continuous operation.

Heated build area

The x500pro is designed for the production of parts made from abrasive, high-temperature and other materials. The build area can be heated to 80 °C in a short time (approx. 12 minutes). In conjunction with the high-temperature printhead (400 °C), this enables technically challenging materials to be processed for the production of heavy-duty components and functional models.

Direct drive material feed

The high-quality material conveyance system ensures a closed, seamless material feed, automatically even after changing materials. In particular, this makes it easy to handle even flexible materials. The system consists of hardened steel and tungsten carbide, which means even abrasive materials pose no Direct drive material feed The high-quality material conveyance system ensures a closed, seamless material feed, automatically even after changing materials. In particular, this makes it easy to handle even flexible materials. The system consists of hardened steel and tungsten carbide, which means even abrasive materials pose no problem. The supply feeder is designed for a material diameter of 1.75 mm which also facilitates excellent processing reliability.

Fully automated system levelling

Thanks to the fully automated system levelling technology, there is no longer any need to laboriously adjust the print bed before every print job. The print bed is automatically levelled by means of high-precision laser measurements using a three-point procedure when the equipment is initially set up and put into operation. This is done by two independent motors, ensuring optimal print bed alignment. The process takes less than 5 minutes.

Dual lift extruder system

The new dual lift extruder system has been developed to ensure automatic raising and lowering of the extruder, particularly for dual printing. This means the non-operational unit is removed from the printing process. Levelling of the two extruders occurs independently on the print bed. The system also has a user-friendly selection and is easy to use.

Filament feeder and tracking system

The processing reliability of the printing operation is significantly enhanced thanks to the filament feeder and tracking system. The system constantly monitors the material feed while it is running and pauses if, for example, no more material is available. Printing can simply resume subsequently. In addition, the system registers the difference between target and actual speed for material usage, which is undetectable to the naked eye, and it uses this information to automatically regulate the printing speed.

Water cooling

The x500pro has a sophisticated water cooling design. To ensure an optimal supply of material, this is maintained at the ideal feed temperature thanks to a water-cooled zone before it reaches the hot nozzle. The motors are also water-cooled. This is an important factor for process reliability and repeat precision, particularly for a heated build area (80 °C) and high nozzle temperature (400 °C)

Heated ceramic print bed

The 6 mm thick, heated glass ceramic print bed (150 °C) optimises process quality because the object adheres better to the print bed, which also gives a more precise fit for the item produced. The high-quality ceramic print bed is supported on an aluminium cast plate, which ensures even heat distribution and does not distort even at the highest temperatures. To make it easy to remove the finished object, the print bed can be removed from the printer.


The x500pro operates using water-cooled DD4 dual extruder technology and is designed with the new dual lift extruders, which make it easy to operate and ensure high process reliability. Depending on the application and choice of material, the printheads can be fitted with different nozzles, for instance made from tungsten-copper, and so are also suitable for abrasive materials. Changing the nozzle is a user-friendly process that can be carried out in just a few seconds.

Electronics for sophisticated users

The whole electronics system for the x500pro is housed in a special electrical cabinet. The industrial computer can be intuitively operated via the 7 inch touchscreen. Network connectivity is achieved via Ethernet cables which allows remote access and monitoring via tablet, smartphone or computer. Printing tasks can be started directly from a USB stick or by using the browser-based controls.

Safety concept in accordance with industry standards

The x500pro is designed with a comprehensive safety concept in accordance with industry standards. The foot switch enables controlled, safe system interventions while the process is in operation. This can be used to make precision adjustments to the control circuit for the printing parameters, for example.

Professional cooling concept

The object ventilator and build area ventilator with filter produce the ideal temperature for the object and its environment. This prevents bulging or warping even when heat-sensitive materials are used.

Maintenance and service

The x500pro has proven to be reliable in continuous operation. An optional maintenance contract is available that is tailored to industrial application needs, and professional on-site servicing by trained technicians is also on offer. In addition to maintenance and repairs to the 3D printer, this includes software and hardware training. Individual details can be discussed at any time.

Technical details

Modell x500 PRO
Printing area* (X/Y/Z) 500 x 400 x 450 mm / 19.7 x 15.7 x 17.7 in
Print speed* 10 - 150 mm/s
Traverse rate 10 - 300 mm/s
Repeat precision* (X/Y) +/- 0,02 / 0,05 mm
Thickness* (min.) 0,02 mm
Filament / nozzle diameter 1,75 mm / 0,40 mm
Nozzle options* 0,25 | 0,30 | 0,35 | 0,50 | 0,60 | 0,80 mm
Material* (Filament) information on consumables can be obtained via your contact at German RepRap.
Material supply Material supply from four filament reels possible: one large (2.1 kg) and three small (750 g). One per printhead can be used by the printer.
Extruder DD4 dual extruder with dual lift extruder system (water-cooled)
Extruder temperature (max.) 400° C
Build area temperature 80° C
Heated bed temperature 150° C
Options Base unit, industrial filament drying, annealing unit, maintenance contract
Data transfer Stand-alone printing with highly sensitive touch display, USB stick and Ethernet
Software setup Simplify3D
Supply voltage* 230 VAC
Ambient temperature 15-26°C
External dimensions (W/D/H) 1120 x 850 x 955 mm
Weight approx. 185 kg
Technology FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
* Varies depending on the setup/material/process

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