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In the automotive industry, 3D printing has gained a high status. Development and production is no longer conceivable without this technology. Ideas can be implemented faster, time and money can be saved. Speed and flexibility bring enormous advantages compared to competitors. Different parts of the car and prototypes are developed with the help of additive manufacturing and thus a faster reaching of the series production is possible. The technology has also become standard in prototyping, fixtures, production and assembly aids, enabling applications in end products through the use of various robust and flexible materials.

Requirements of the industry:

  • fast and cost-effective production of prototypes and small batches
  • Flexibility and faster customization
  • complex shapes
  • robust, strong or flexible components
  • lower production and development costs
  • Materials for high temperature areas, with optimum technical properties

Products of the industry:

Enormous savings potential often lurks in the production processes of the companies. By using our German RepRap 3D printers’ resources such as time, money, flexibility and the quality of your products can be optimized. Flexibility is often a deciding factor, especially when it is important to reach results quickly. The following machines are mainly used in the automotive industry:

Materials of the industry:

The automotive industry places high demands on the materials. Complex shapes, often with a bionic character, are difficult to replicate with conventional technologies. High performance materials like:
  • ABS
  • ASA
  • PET-G
  • Carbon20
  • Zytrel (polyamide)
  • Hytrel (TPE/TPU)
bring the necessary properties, such as high strength, low weight, usability over a wide temperature range especially in the engine area, low flue gas development in case of fire and a very high heat deflection temperature of 195 ° C (383 F°), with it.
"With a Stuttgart customer from the automotive industry, it suddenly had to go very quick: 40,000 parts within a very short time. Flexibility and speed are significant!"
Thomas Pazulla, TP Printing Services, about an automotive customer from the Stuttgart area

In the case of a Stuttgart automotive customer, a supplier failed at short notice, which is why a tool change to produce the corresponding parts was no longer possible due to time constraints with conventional manufacturing processes. With the help of additive manufacturing it was possible to respond ad hoc to this challenge.

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