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With the help of our leasing partner the GRENKE Group, we will find the right offer for you. For more flexibility, for your individual needs.
  • In 31 countries, 130 locations
  • Reliable partner for leasing products since 1979
  • Individual consulting and service
  • Cross-industry experience
Here you can find the most important things in a short summary:


1. Hire purchase

Hire purchase is a purchase on installments. You are the economic owner of the objects and activate them in your balance sheet. You pay the entire sales tax (VAT) with the first installment for the complete basic rental period. During the contract period, you only pay the net installments. By paying the last installment, you also become the legal owner of the properties.

Your advantages at a glance:
  • By paying the first installment you become the economic owner of the machine
  • Hire purchase is an attractive alternative to a credit
  • You can claim the VAT payable via the turnover tax advance return
  • Plus: in some federal states you can apply for investment bonuses for your hire purchase
➔ German RepRap x500 starting at 513€ a month *
Hire purchase month rates structure example

2. Classic Leasing or Full Amortization

Classic Lease is the most widely used leasing contract, the proverbial classic: no residual value obligation with a fixed term. There are basically three options:
  • Return
  • purchase at market value (compare partial amortization)
  • Renewal
Your advantages at a glance:
  • Full planning security through constant rates
  • Liquidity remains
  • More flexibility compared to a purchase
➔ German RepRap x500 starting at 549€ a month *
Leasing full amortization month rates structure example

3. Leasing with partial amortization

The partial amortization contract with tender rights is an alternative if you want to become the owner of the leased property after the end of the term. This allows you to set a fixed residual value for the takeover at the end of the basic rental period right at the start of the contract.

Your advantages at a glance:
  • Full transparency through a residual value already defined at the beginning of the contract (residual value approx. 10% of the acquisition value)
  • Even with partial amortization you benefit from all leasing advantages
  • High planning reliability through defined parameters
➔ German RepRap x500 starting at 549€ a month *
Leasing partial amortization month rates structure example

The differences at a glance:

Classic Lease
Partial amor­tisation
Hire purchase
constant instal­lments
purchase after expiry possible


approx. 10%

residual value obligation
service included
capitali­zation to fixed assets
pay as you go
exchange option

* Depending on duration, product and method of payment, excluding handling fee Subject to change

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