Case Studies

Time and cost savings in the orthopedic shoe technology company Oberle
Oberle Specialty Manufacturing’s State-of-the-Art Orthopedic Shoe Technology:
New Manufacturing Procedures with the German RepRap X350pro 3D Printer Save Time and Money
The history of the Oberle shoe company began more than 150 years ago. In 1859, the great-great grandfather of Oberle’s current General Manage […]

Functional prototypes
X1000 supports development and production of an autonomous sailboat
Technology learns how to sail. This is the motto of Sailing Team Darmstadt, which has taken on the challenge of building an autonomous and energy self-sufficient sailboat […]

Serial production in the automotive industry using 3D printing
X350 and X400 3D printers execute serial production
of 40,000 parts for the automotive industry
After many years spent in planning, development and design, Thomas Pazulla decided to strike a new career path in 2012 and launched his own […]

Massive Cost Reduction in Automation and Measurement Technology
BorgiForm Is Convinced by the Performance of German RepRap 3D Printers
BorgiForm, a young, innovative family business headquartered in the heart of eastern Westphalia (Germany), focuses its business literally “shaping” ideas. Dirk Kriegel, Managing Director, introduced 3D printing technology a while ago.[…]

New era for the metal industry
Stegerer Metallbau GmbH with the X350pro
Stegerer Metallbau GmbH, deeply committed to innovation, leads the way into a new era for the metal industry with the German RepRap X350Pro. When you hear the term “traditional craftsmanship,” you don’t immediately think of an innovative technology such as 3D printers used for rapid prototyping. But specialist metal fabricator Stegerer Metallbau GmbH is using additive manufacturing to plot a new course for the industry.[…]

Functional prototypes 
Footwear Polytechnic: new product development opportunities with  German RepRap X400 3D Printer
For the Footwear Polytechnic FFlab is the future. German RepRap’s Italian Reseller 3DZ provided printers and 3D scanners to the laboratory that will focus on research, training and rapid prototyping.[…]

New liquid additive manufacturing method
New Dow Corning LC-3335 3D Printable Silicone Rubber Introduces High-Performance Silicone Technology to Additive Manufacturing
Developed with German RepRap GmbH, Dow Corning’s silicone is compatible with collaborator’s advanced new liquid additive manufacturing method. Dow Corning, a global leader in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation, unveiled Dow Corning® LC-3335 3D Printable Silicone Rubber here at formnext 2016 […]
Printing spare parts with the X400 by yourself
The company Schmid uses the full potential of additive manufacturing
Printing spare parts yourself – that is one of the most frequently mentioned applications of 3D printing. However, there are surprisingly few cases in which this application is actually implemented. One of these rare cases is at the lifting platform hire company SCHMID Hebebühnenverleih, based in Haimhausen near Munich […]

3D printer as a central training system.
Ideal for Teaching: The X350 from German RepRap at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences
One thing is certain. 3D printing will change our world. The designers of the future are well advised to get familiar with this technology. 3D printing removes any restrictions that traditional manufacturing processes […]

Functional prototypes
Pilz GmbH halved their manufacturing costs with Carbon20
Manufacturing Costs Halved with the German RepRap X350Pro:
Pilz GmbH Uses the Benefits of 3D Printer Technology and CFRP-Reinforced Carbon20 Material[…]

Functional prototypes 
A Racing Design from Elbflorace e.V. – Hightech Parts with the German RepRap X400

Elbflorace is the registered club representing the TU Dresden University in the Formula Student competition. The Formula Student is an international design competition in which the teams[…] 

IKV_Einweihung_Foto IKV-Fröls-059

Research & Development
With the X1000 3D printer RWTH Aachen is analyzing latest requirements of industry for additive manufacturing

Due to the rapid development of new additive manufacturing processes, industry is facing new challenges. In recent years the increasing professionalization of industry-standard manufacturing systems has been greatly influenced by manufacturers like German RepRap GmbH. Aspects such as process safety, high mechanical precision and the repeatability of results in particular are playing here an increasingly more significant role for industry.[…]

Prototyping for Airbus Helicopters with X400
Airbus Helicopters is building a Prototype for a Camera Mount with X400

Airbus Helicopters is currently about to develop an extension for camera mounts to be used with observation cameras on their helicopters. To achieve the optimum design, the X400 3D printer from German RepRap is used to create different possible prototypes for testing.[…]

Research & Development
Summer School in South Africa: PRotos V3 in Operation for Research & Development

Research and development in the field of additive manufacturing – Aachen University of Applied Sciences is providing students with an important education in 3D printing[…]

Functional Prototypes
Prototypes from Polypropylene: The German RepRap X400 in Operation at  Hürner-Funken

Rapid prototyping and small batch production – 3D printer operation at Hürner-Funken is very typical of the sector and therefore a good example of the benefits that 3D printing can[…]
PlasTec Logo
Automotive/ Prototyping
Prototyping for TAKATA PlasTec GmbH with X1000

Use of the X1000 3D printer from German RepRap has enabled TAKATA PlasTec GmbH to now considerably reduce development costs and time for prototype production[…]
German RepRap Case Study Company Airbus Helicopters
Automotive/ Prototyping
Prototyping for Airbus Helicopters with X400

When developing new systems, it is necessary to make statements about function, handling and integration in the helicopter at an early development stage […]
German RepRap Referenz Company Popp Group
Medical engineering/ Prototyping
Prototyping Winding Bodies for MRI Scanners

Popp Group uses the X400 3D Printer for Prototyping Winding Bodies for MRI Scanners […]
German RepRap Referenz Kunde ReitlerEngineering
Prototyping Labelling Machine

ReitlingerEngineering Reduces Development Costs for a Labelling Machine through 3D Printing and Reverse Engineering […]
Automotive/ Prototyping
Door panels made by the 3D printer X400

Car designer Thomas Pazulla changes the prototyping process from laser-sintering to 3D printing using PLA. […]
Design / Prototyping / small series production
Customized Interior Design
Lindner Group, Europe’s leading specialist in the fields of interior design, facade and insulation technology, makes its way from prototyping to small series production
with a X400 3D printer. […]
German RepRap Referenz Kunde Popp Group
Design / Prototyping
Popp Group prints complete door hinges with the 3D printer
The Popp Group, based in Forchheim, Germany, produced 3D printed door hinges to help a customer in the medical technology sector reduce manufacturing costs for medical cabinets as part of a cost-down procedure. […]
German RepRap Referenz Kunde Anita
Mold and toolmaking
Anita Dr. Helbig GmbH reduces 50% of the costs
The manufacturer of bodices, swimwear and breast prostheses uses German RepRap X400  for 3D printing casting cores for wide product range of breast epitheses. […]
Mold making
Casting Core from the 3D Printer

Distillery equipment manufacturer Carl GmbHis using an X400 3D printer to reduce manufacturing costs […]
model making / tabletop games
Tabletop miniatures and landscape

Stefan Birghan und Jörg Weindl are printing 3d models at German RepRap NEO in the minutest details. […]

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