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About us

3D printing – A vision moving the world.

The technology of additive manufacturing has become indispensable for the majority of the industry and continues to gain importance. For our customers, this means creating new opportunities for production, new ideas, new innovations. It is impressive that almost every industry now uses 3D printers, from the automotive industry and aerospace to the medical sector.

We as German RepRap create future-oriented technologies and implement them in the design and production of our 3D printers. Since 2010 we have been developing our X-Series 3D Printers based on Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology. The special feature of all printers is the Open Source Platform, which makes it possible to use a variety of materials for printing. New consumables are constantly being tested and added to our product range. Thus, our customers are unbound and can adapt the print job to their personal requirements and take individual wishes into account.

In addition to the development and distribution of our 3D printers, we also provide additional equipment, professional service and consumables. With an international network of distribution partners, we are also locally there for our customers – all around the world. Our goal is to make even more companies easier to produce. To assist them in their development with high quality and unique equipment. We were the first company in Germany to launch a RepRap-based large-capacity 3D printer for industrial demands with the x1000.
Technologies that are becoming increasingly important are the basis for the printers we are developing.

With our latest development, the Liquid Additive Manufacturing (LAM) process, liquids such as silicone rubber can also be processed.

By now, 3D printing has become established as an integral and indispensable part of all industries. Be part of the future now!

Our worldwide reseller network

Through our steadily growing network of resellers, we are represented in a variety of countries and are there for you worldwide. With our partner locator you will find the appropriate reseller in your country or you will be directed to our main location.

What makes us different


An important base for our daily work is the close cooperation with our developers. We want to offer our customers innovative and high-quality products. The close and direct contact with our customers and industrial partners is particularly important. This is the only way to guarantee concentrated know-how in products and solutions for our customers. Our daily work is based on enthusiasm, tackling challenges and looking for individual solutions. This is what our customers, business partners and colleagues appreciate about us.


Whether it's other cultures or new topics: we are international and there surely is an expert for every topic. Our reseller network is distributed all over the world with more than 50 locations in over 30 countries. Our international networking enhances cross-location and transnational cooperation with customers and colleagues and is a matter of course for us.


Values like fairness, openness, trust and reliability and many more are important to us. These are the prerequisite for our success as well as our business partners. It is the basis for a trusting cooperation. These values are lived by our employees every day in their work.


We are your partner for 3D printing. We bring our technology with all its benefits into your company and support you with your application. The benefits for you are shown by a wide range of projects around the world, where we give our customers the decisive impetus for the future with sustainable, individual and flexible solutions as a global partner.


As an international company, we offer a professional home, equal opportunity and the ability to reconcile work and private life. It is also important to us to pass on our knowledge and our technologies. We particularly support research institutes, schools and universities, since therein lies the future of science.


If there is a solution with our technologies for your individual case, we will find it! We assist our customers as consultants and partners and find solutions for individual applications and requirements. Proactivity, innovation and experience go hand in hand with us.

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