GermanRepRap x350 Startprice
Cutting-edge technology 3D printer with rectangular build platform, set-up within minutes, operation via Wifi or LAN…
German RepRap PLA cheaper
Made in Germany quality PLA Filament now 29,90 Euro per 750 g spool.
German RepRap NEO Osterbundle
Start with 3D printing now and save more than 30 Euro*. Our NEO Easter Special contains a NEO 3D Printer, PLA filament and an additional LED lighting for 699 Euro*.
X400 CE Professonal Series
Professional 3D Printer – 400 x 400 x 350 mm printing volume Save money – Print your prototypes in-house
3D Printer for big volume prints or multi-prints. 1000 x 800 x 600 mm printing space and many new features.
GermanRepRap PRotos v3
Get the new PRotos v3 DIY 3D printer kit – many improvements, easier assembling
German RepRap Performance PLA seidenweiss
Beautifully textured filament for great smooth results, PLA 1,75 mm & 3 mm
GermanRepRap x350 Startprice German RepRap PLA cheaper German RepRap NEO Osterbundle X400 CE Professonal Series Slider_GermanRepRap-X1000-300x300 GermanRepRap PRotos v3 German RepRap Performance PLA seidenweiss