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Liebe Kunden, liebe Partner, liebe Interessierten an additiver Fertigung.

Die German RepRap ist jetzt umfirmiert zu „innovatiQ“. Sie erreichen uns künftig ab Februar 2021 unter www.innovatiq.com
Damit vollziehen wir den nächsten strategischen Schritt unserer Transformation zum Partner für industrielle Fertigungsmaschinen auf additiver Technologien.
Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch und auf eine weiterhin gute Zusammenarbeit.

Ihr innovatiQ-Team

3D printing – A vision moving the world.

The technology of additive manufacturing has become indispensable for the majority of the industry and continues to gain importance. For our customers, this means creating new opportunities for production, new ideas, new innovations. It is impressive that almost every industry now uses 3D printers, from the automotive industry and aerospace to the medical sector.


Worldwide network

Through our growing network of resellers we are represented in a variety of countries. With our reseller locator you will find the appropriate reseller in your country or you will be directed to our main location.



Our 3D printers can be found in a wide variety of industries and cover a wide range of application possibilities, from detailed and individual projects to the industrial production of large order quantities you will always receive impressive results. We offer you the right product for every application.

German RepRap 3D-Printer L320
German RepRap 3D-Printer x400
German RepRap 3D-Printer x500pro
German RepRap 3D-Printer x1000

Variety of materials

Our wide range of different materials offers the right product for every application. In addition to the plastics used in additive manufacturing, we also offer special materials and high-performance materials. These include robust thermoplastics, resilient materials such as TPU or fiber-reinforced plastics such as carbon filament. The materials are available in different diameters, sizes and colors and allow you an optimal print result.

Beispiel Materialvielfalt

Open Material Platform – anything is possible!

Our open system gives you the ability to print any material you want. Here is an overview of all the materials tested on our printers. If you prefer the use of unlisted material, please contact one of our resellers or us directly and we will discuss your project with you.

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